Obydullah Al Marjuk

Mr. Marjuk holds MSc in Social and Cultural Research from Brunel University, UK, and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Dhaka. He serves as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB).

Apart from teaching sociology and philosophy, Mr. Marjuk is playing the role of Additional Director at the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of IUB and of Deputy Sub-project Manager (DSPM) in the Center for Pedagogy (CP) at IUB. He is also a member of the core management team at the Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR) at IUB. He is a US State Department alumnus.

Mr. Marjuk has over fifteen publications in journals, proceedings, and book chapters. He visited more than 25 countries for academic purposes and established some collaborative projects between IUB and several universities in Europe and the US. He served as a member of the peer review team, reviewing several academic programs and also served as a resource person in various aspects of quality assurance at numerous public and private universities in Bangladesh. He is the Organizing Secretary of two international conferences that take place regularly at IUB.

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