Due to lack or financial resources and basic work skills, in most cases poor and ultra-poor, marginalized, widow fail to create income opportunities. And lack of sustained income means extreme hardship and deprivation, and womenheaded families become hardest hit in such critical situation.
Shishumela Bidyaniketon

Shishumela Bidyaniketon

Dropout from school is still a reality. In most cases, the dropouts are jobless or workless due to lack of both education and skills. Special training schemes are organized for them to help them attain certain skills with higher employment potentials. Street children are usually deprived of the


The basic health requirement for the poor, ultra-poor, disable (physically challenged, poor eye sight), pregnant poor women are dis-proportionally suffering to get basic health services. Though there has been a significant progress in addressing the challenges of communicable diseases; non-


Financial Assistance for Higher Education
Most often, we see newspaper headlines that due to lack of adequate financial strength certain portion of student either cannot ensure their admission to the universities or cannot continue their higher education. It is also strongly evidenced that high education can ensure higher economic
Emergency Support

Emergency Support

Due to many reasons, there may be an emergency situation in the society and in such emergency situation the poor become the easy victims. Particularly, due to natural reasons, such as flood, cyclone, severe cold etc. every year, many poor people experience extreme difficulties in their lives. We respond to
Research and Policy Advocacy

Research and Policy Advocacy

Poor people suffer because they cannot inform the policy community with adequate and proper evidence. Thus, strong policy advocacy can trigger effective engagement of the poor people with the policy makers and influencers. We undertake several research agendas to generate
Manush Manusher Jonno

Manush Manusher Jonno

Food Support Initiative
Due to many reasons, there may be an emergency situation in the society and in such emergency situation the poor become the easy victims. Particularly, due to natural reasons, such as flood, cyclone, severe cold etc. every year, many poor people experience extreme difficulties in their lives. We respond to every emergency situation to support the vulnerable people to help them build back their living facilities and livelihood opportunities. Women, children, disable and the elderly poor people get priority in such responses.

Love for Humanity

Your easy way to serve poor people

As human beings, it is our basic instinct that we feel pity and saddened when we see other fellow human beings suffer. But most often, we cannot do much individually. However, if we join our hands, perhaps we can make a difference. Charity Platform has undertaken the ‘Love for humanity’ initiative to create opportunities for individuals to work for humanity. Our small contributions and donations can yield significant results when we work collectively.

‘Love for humanity’ creates an easy way for you to work for poor people- poverty reduction, education, women empowerment, and improving the health, etc. You can join this initiative by making a monthly donation of whatever amount you want.

As human beings, we cannot let poor people go to bed hungry; we cannot keep them away from education; we cannot let them live with poverty and illness.

Support the work of Charity Platform and be an advocate of humanity. When you help poor people, you demonstrate your love for humanity.

Please call us to make your pledge! Our BKash number +8801673-909311


We are a platform to facilitate your mission of changing others' lives.

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We focus on the precarity of poor people and their resilience and determination to overcome challenges and constraints. We hope the success stories inspire our supporters to work for poor people.

M A Rakiban inspiring story of moving out of precarity

M A Rakib lives in Hazaribag, Dhaka. He previously was a street vendor selling some children’s toys. He had no formal shop or space for selling his commodities. He used to keep the items in a basket for selling with minimal profit opportunity, eventually embracing a life of hardship. Despite his intention, he could not rent a shop and expand his business to ensure a decent living due to financial constraints. In such a situation, he contacted Charity Platform and requested some help. Charity Platform livelihood program staff checked his economic conditions and found him eligible for its assistance.

Charity Platform provided business materials/items to M A Rakib twice. Now M A Rakib rented a formal shop and started his business more significantly. He is expecting to grow well in his business and end his miseries. M A Rakib is a hardworking person and dedicated to his business. He has tried to use the assistance of the Charity Platform effectively.

Today, M A Rakib has managed a decent life with no worries about daily meals, unlike in his past life. M A Rakib’s dedication and progress have been a case of success for many of Charity Platform’s beneficiaries.

When poverty forced a child to remain blind

When Marium was born, she had difficulties in her eyesight and could not see. Her parents left her to her grandfather, who lived in a Dhaka slum. The parents were highly poor and could not think of any treatment for their little child.  The grandfather did not try either. The reason was just poverty. They could not imagine they would be able to bear the cost of the treatment. Poverty made them also less confident; they did not dare go to any government hospital. More importantly, none did advise them that they should try the treatment.

Fortunately, while visiting the slums to provide medical treatment and services to different people, our colleagues came across her and knew her condition. They immediately took her to the Islamia Hospital. After examinations, the doctors opined that her eyesight could be retrieved. However, it would require several surgeries. Charity Platform stood beside her and helped her through the medical process. She had to undergo surgeries twice. The first surgery on one of the eyes occurred in January 2022, and the second surgery was conducted four months after the first surgery. She is well now and can see everything, Alhamdulillah.

Marium’s case reveals multiple lessons for us. The cost of poverty is extremely high. Marium could see much ago had she received proper treatment. But due to poverty, she was forced to live with blindness. It was such a horrible experience. It was such a cruel violation of one’s right to better medical care. Due to poverty, people lose their confidence too. We don’t know the number of people who suffer in different ways due to poverty. But we can understand that the number is high. There must be many children like her. Thus, we should try to reach out to them with our love, and assistance.

A resolute Nasima Begum is no more under compulsion to give her hard-earned profit to the moneylender

Nasima Begum, like many poor people of Dhaka city, lives in a slum in the Kamrangirchar area of Dhaka. The five-member family of Nasima lives in a one-room house in the slum, with BDT 2500 monthly rent. The family has been in the slum for the last 15 years. Her husband has been sick for many years and cannot work and earn. Nasima had to take responsibility for the family and started selling household utensils. However, her poverty posed a significant challenge to her strive. As she did not have money, she had to take a loan from a local moneylender, but the loan terms were very complex and exploitative. According to the terms, she had to buy the products from a particular vendor with high costs and share the profits with the moneylender. Eventually, her earnings were very minimum.

In such a situation, she could contact Charity Platform. Realizing her family condition, Charity Platform decided to assist her and upscale her business capacity. She received business products (aluminum utensils) worth BDT 16,500 from the Charity Platform. Now she is free from the obligations and exploits of the moneylender. Her monthly income has doubled, rising to BDT 600-700 daily. Since she has built her own capital of around BDT 30,000, she is free to buy her products from any vendor at a competitive price. She can save some money in the bank.
Charity Platform tried to support her resilience and commitment, and she benefitted from Charity Platform’s assistance and guidance.


Charity Platform connects philanthropic people and institutions with people in genuine need.