Khondoker Zakaria Ahmed

Mr. Zakaria preferred to join the development sector after graduation from the university. He has over two decades of professional experience in the development sector to his credit. Mr. Zakaria spent many years at the community level to gain hands-on knowledge about the socio-economic development of the poor people. He is the founding Executive Director of the Charity Platform.

Before this role, Mr. Zakaria was a General Manager at the Centre for Zakat Management (CZM) for close to one decade. Program development and implementation, donor coordination, resource mobilization were his primary role at the CZM. As a member of the senior management at the CZM, he used to perform the task of strategic planning, institutional analysis, and human and financial resource planning. As Team Leader (Executive Director), he led ASEAB, a major NGO in northern Bangladesh, for over five years and implemented donor-supported several programs, including the Char Livelihood Program (CLP).

In his long professional career in the development sector, he participated in several training programs organized by the government, and international and national NGOs. His areas of professional expertise include team leadership, program development, and management; donor coordination and resource mobilization; partnership management; M&E. Currently, he is focusing on Islamic charity inspired development interventions as a lasting solution to poverty reduction and human development.

He studied Physics and obtained a Master’s degree with honors from the University of Chittagong.

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