Md. Nurul Alam

Mr. Alam started his career as a professional civil servant. He worked in different ministries of the government of Bangladesh. Mr. Nurul Alam also served in various capacities in the filed administration. He was a lead member of the macro-economic wing at the Finance Division of the Ministry of Finance. He studied Economics at the University of Dhaka. Mr. Nurul Alam earned MSc in Public Economic Management and Finance from the University of Birmingham, UK. He underwent several professional training programs at different institutions from home and abroad. Mr. Nurul Alam also achieved a post-graduate diploma in Development Policy from the University of Glasgow, UK. He took part in an overseas program at the University of Wolver Hampton, UK, as part of the Managing at the Top-II training. He attended courses organized by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KIOCA), Civil Service College, Singapore, and Colombo Plan Staff College, Manila. Mr. Alam is a graduate of the National Defence College, Mirpur, Bangladesh.

With over three decades of civil service career, Mr. Nurul Alam has gained hands-on experience in human resource management, public finance, and budgeting, strategic management, and leadership, GO-NGO collaboration, community development.

He retired from the civil service as a Joint Secretary. After his retirement, he is actively engaged in philanthropic activities. He played a significant role in developing the Charity Platform and is currently serving as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Writing books and articles for mobilizing people for social and economic development, and developing advocacy materials for ethical promotion in the society are his pastime.

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