Prof. Md. Mokhter Ahmad

Mr. Ahmad is a leading Islamic scholar in Bangladesh and the Vice-chair of the Charity Platform. Studied Islamic Studies at the University of Dhaka, he was an associate professor for the International Islamic University (IIUC), Dhaka Campus, for seven years. At the IIUC, Mr Mokhter used to teach Islamic banking, Islamic financial system, and Islamic management and business. He is a faculty member at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT), which is governed by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). Currently, he is working as the Director of Daffodil Centre for Islamic Studies at the Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.

He is a frequent speaker on Islamic issues on different TV channels in Bangladesh. He has been presenting the most famous Islamic reality show titled Light of the Quran for many years, and this show has earned extraordinary popularity. He provides consultancy services to different Islamic financial institutions and not-for-profit charities. He is a consultant to the Centre for Zakat Management (CZM).

He published many academic articles in national and international journals and has four books to his credit. He can speak English and Arabic. He participated in many international conferences and is a widely travelled person.

His areas of expertise include Qur’anic exegetics, Qur’anic language, Qur’anic grammar, family issues, Islamic parenting, youth problems, business and corporate Zakat, Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic banking & finance, and Islamic business.