We want to see that everyone is out of poverty and able to enjoy a meaningful life, and realize full potential of life. We also want that our communities become more caring and passionate for the wellbeing of less privileged people.


We want to help create lasting solutions to poverty and destitution. And we want to be a part of a transformation process that promotes social justice and empathy in the society.

Realizing Our Mission

We emphasize that the potential of Islamic charities is enormous and it should be exploited fully. We undertake systematic research and advocacy for mobilizing Islamic charities for developmental use. We partner with different development actors to ensure low-cost solutions and synergy in our efforts towards the wellbeing of the poor people. We research and advocate for compassion and love in the society. More importantly, we generate evidences to influence the policy process so that the poor people are not structurally constrained and their voices ignored.

Our Values

Our efforts are geared towards the well-being of the poor people